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Дейността на екипа ни обхваща цялостния процес на един инвестиционен проект, от намиране на парцел, проектиране, строителни дейности, довършителни работи до реализацията на готовите обекти на пазара.

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Ето и част от нашето работно пространство. Тук ще ви посрещне екипа на компанията, експертите по продажби са готови да отговорят на всички ваши въпроси свързани с проектите ни, а техническите ръководители ще ви разкажат за конструктивните характеристики на обектите ни. Ще получите изчерпателна информация относно материалите, които влагаме в сградите си и пълна спецификация за всеки имот. Държим на детайлите и ПОВЕЧЕ качествена комуникация с клиентите, не се колебайте да ни потърсите. Екипът на “MATCH MORE” ви очаква!


  • We are looking for and are investing in plots for construction of different types of buildings – residential, office, industrial buildings and resort complexes on the territory of the town of Sofia, the outskirts of the town, the region of Sofia and the resorts of the country.
  • We prepare financial and economic analysis for the implementation of each investment project.
  • We provide funding for our projects.
  • We develop a complete schedule and management of the construction process.
  • We manage the entire process from the purchase of the site to the completion of the project.
  • We choose an architect and chief designer to perform the investment design.
  • We carry out competitions and selection of contractors for construction activities.
  • We organize a complete implementation of the construction project with a team of highly qualified civil engineers, in compliance with all technological requirements for a quality product according to the Bulgarian State Standard (BDS).
  • We perform investor supervision of the construction process by the specialized company.
  • We maintain flawless documentation and financial control of expenses.
  • We maintain an impeccable technical file of the investment project.
  • We provide futures contracts of vacant spaces in the building.
  • We provide luxury finishing work and clients have the option to choose the type of materials.
  • Clients could also choose the design of the interior of the building
  • We meet all the deadlines set for the construction of our buildings.

Principles and

We monitor, analyze and study the process of development of the residential property market in the Republic of Bulgaria in terms of the best that could be offered to clients. In this regard, we conduct a thorough market analysis of risks and opportunities, investing our capital wisely to meet or exceed the investment goals of each of our projects in the area of the residential construction.

The MATCH MORE team employs a core set of principles aimed at investing with a safe and maximum return, which results in a long-term profitability of the assets built.

Principles for choosing a plot for investment:: Location

  • Road infrastructure development
  • -
  • Road infrastructure development
  • Public transport
  • Built sewage in the residential district
  • Kindergartens, schools and universities
  • Commercial sites and healthcare establishments
  • Parks and green areas for leisure

The main features and advantages of our residential projects are::

  • Our projects have an ensured funding
  • The properties we offer are for sale with no commission for the buyer
  • You buy an apartment at a lower price than when it will be completed
  • You have the opportunity to pay later. We offer flexible payment plans
  • Faster sale. If, after a while, you decide to sell a home, the newer it is the greater the chance of selling it quickly and easily will be.
  • The price of the properties purchased in the initial phase of their realization increases constantly, and in the long term, the increase of the value is guaranteed
  • You can follow all the stages of construction and get certificates for the materials applied
  • We use high quality materials
  • High energy efficiency. Electrical installations comply with the latest regulations and requirements. This guarantees you safety and a very low chance of damage
  • Low heating costs. Your monthly heating costs will be lower than in old construction. This is due to the fact that during the construction of the building a thermal insulation has been applied. The new window and door frames also have a major impact on home heating costs
  • Our buildings are constructed according to modern requirements in construction (BDS) - in accordance with earthquake indicators;
  • You will enjoy a clean, modern and welcoming look, compared to old buildings
  • The common parts such as stairs, corridors and railings are also modern and high quality, which gives a more pleasant appearance to the building
  • New, luxurious and properly working lifts


To achieve the above activities, we adhere to our direct commitment to the comprehensive quality of our buildings. We are constantly looking for the most suitable investment properties and the best of modern construction technologies, materials and current architectural projects. Our main mission is to deliver projects that correspond to their value and guarantee satisfaction of our customers.

We pay attention to every little detail as our goal is to develop a competitive environment by constructing contemporary buildings with modern architecture, that create a modern look for cities and provide comfort for our citizens and customers.

We strive to evolve every day, to become the best we can be. And to achieve all this, we improve every day by:

  • More shared teamwork
  • More creativity in our projects
  • -
  • -
  • More expert services
  • More communication with our customers
  • More marketing power
  • Our customers deserve MORE!

Our obligations to
our customers and partners

The priority of our team is to provide every client with – "Not just a home, but a quality, modern and functional home", by applying our professional experience, both in project planning and design and construction. Integrity, accuracy and courtesy are fundamental principles on which we base and develop our relationships with our partners. We never forget that we owe everything to the efforts of our team, partners and our families!

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